PDF editing that’s simple and cheap

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your program. I used the infix pdf form filler on my old laptop. I had many issues with printing and my Wi-Fi, a computer crash, HP printer issues and if it were not for your program which has print capabilities I would have been lost. It would have taken countless hours of trying to get my printer connected to my lap top wirelessly.

The reason I downloaded your program was because I had a lengthy legal document to fill out with a lot of finances involved, one mistake and all would have been lost and I would have had to start a bad process all over again

With all the pc issues I have had no matter what happened if I selected your program to print it never failed, so with that said I have a new laptop and am trying to get all the programs on here I need to function as in the past and your Infix program was an absolute necessity. I will be moving soon and once settled down I plan on purchasing the full version.

I have told countless friends about this program and always will. Adobe is a good program at a unbelievable cost, it takes a wizard to use it. Infix is simple with easy instructions and a cost that any one can afford.

Thank you for letting the public have access to this program, there is no reason it does not sell its self

Carl E. Couslin

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