Launching an E-Book the Right Way

As news comes in that e-book sales are in decline, major publishers such as Random House, Harper Collins & Macmillan are lowering prices worldwide to become more competitive in the digital media market.

This decline in sales does not mean that the consumer appetite has shrunk, but with e-books now readily available across a wide range of platforms (and of course, the sheer scale of authors publishing in digital format), there is more choice for users. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to get an initial book launch right, for all formats, not just digital!

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Key On Computer Showing Privacy Password Or Unlocking

PDF Certificate Security

You may think that using a password on valuable PDF documents is enough, and to some degree, password protection does give security against unauthorised access by people not allowed to view the file. However, passwords can be guessed or shared accidentally, so enabling certificate security is the next step up, and ensures that the person’s identity is verified before they can view the document. This will help prevent against tampering and eavesdropping from unauthorised personnel.

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Mark Moz – Creative Commons

Don’t let an awkward PDF get in the way of a dream home

I work for a large real-estate broker and have need of a solid, reliable, easy to use PDF editor for replying to banks, counter-offers etc. I have tried at least 15 other PDF editors including ‘cloud based’ editors (which concern me a little because of confidentiality).

I found the Infix PDF Editor in a review of several other editors, after using the Infix PDF Editor I am amazed that it took me so long to hear about it.
I have shown it to many professionals and they all agree it is the best PDF editor option they have seen, balancing ease of use, power, options, speed, local processing (security), and reasonable price. The interface is easy to use and my secretary only needed a few minutes to begin using it efficiently.

Overall, I would recommend Infix PDF Editor to everyone who needs to edit/create/fill-out pdf forms, it is a great product.

– Ken Gadway


PDF editing

What to Look For In a Good PDF Editor

Choosing which piece of software to buy for any computer related task is never easy (unless there’s only one on the market, in which case the choice is taken away). Do you go on the strengths of reviews, or on price? Do you look for screenshots or prefer to download the manual first to check it’s easy to use? Whatever your preferred method to choosing the best software for your needs is, if you’re looking for a PDF editor then make sure to tick off the following:

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Productivity & Innovation Week held by Singaporean firm Straits Construction

Would a Productivity & Innovation Week benefit your business?

Straits Construction, based in Singapore, held their inaugural Productivity and Innovation Week last week, wc 28th March, and have reported great feedback to the event.

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Secure files

PDF Facts

PDF documents have been around since 1993, but have been hit and miss in the popularity stakes over the years. On the one hand, they’re great for situations where document protection is key, but can cause a lot of frustration when users want to edit them and can’t. Loved by some and loathed by others, it’s no surprise that not everyone knows even the basics about them.

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1stFlip Flipbook Creator Enables Users to Convert PDF Documents to Flash/HTML5 Flipbooks

In January we reported that the Chicago Tribune had created an online flipbook to showcase their evening news, and it seems the return of the flipbook hasn’t stopped there. Chinese company 1stFlip have launched 1stFlip Flipbook Creator, which enables users to convert PDF files into Flash/HTML5 flipbooks easily, and then embedded into webpages or shown to users as separate pages of a site. The Flipbooks created feature a realistic page flipping effect and as such are perfect for showcasing company brochures or news pages.

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WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp Adds Functionality to Send & Receive PDF Files

If you’re an iOS WhatsApp user you’ll be pleased to know you can finally send and receive PDF files after update 2.12.15 was rolled out on March 6th. This service works with files that are both saved locally or stored in the cloud, and also enables permission for file sharing of photos and videos of cloud based content. Android users have been able to do this for a while, so iOS users will be no doubt pleased to catch up.

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Under the hood

Infix – it’s real power is under the hood

Under The Hood of a PDF Engine

Infix is one of the few PDF editors which gets things done.

First of all, very useful in my line of work is the option to export the PDF for use with CAT tools (xml only so far, but probably other options will be available in time).

Second, I was amazed by the many options for manipulating the text. Replacing fonts is easier than ever, resizing, splitting or joining textboxes is just a child’s play. You can rebuild a textbox just with the selected text, split a textbox in several others containing a paragraph each, and most important, formatting of the text almost never fails.
After translating the exported .xml, importing the translation is just a breeze and in less than a minute you have a document with the exact same look as the original. And very accurate, too.

An intuitive interface might let you think that Infix is just a simple tool, but don’t be deceived:
it’s real power is under the hood.
It’s not perfect, but it’s still one of the best .pdf editors I’ve tried

– Sandu Ionut

You should try TransPDF.com for PDF translation – it uses the same PDF engine as Infix but has been super-charged for translators offering XLIFF import/export and superior handling! – Guy.

GM Bot

GM Bot Update


Android Malware GM Bot has been in the news lately as it was revealed that the source code was leaked online in December, leading to the increased likelihood that cyberattackers will be hitting Android users with a new wave of dangerous banking malware. The source code is available for free on the dark web, and also includes server-side instructions and tutorials to allow the malware to infect vulnerable devices.

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