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Evince 3.18.1 updated with numerous bug fixes

Evince, the default document viewer for the GNOME desktop environment, has been updated to include updated translations and several bugfixes.

Evince can handle a number of document types, including PDF, DjVu, TIFF and XPS and has been included as part of GNOME since 2005.

An open-source project, the latest update includes the following fixes and updates:

•    Performance regression found with GTK+ builds
•    Crashes that occurred when opening PDF documents containing screen annotations that didn’t have actions
•    When adding new annotations, right clicks are now ignored
•    Bookmark titles are now correctly rendered when containing special characters
•    Recent View mode now displays error messages
•    Multiple documents are now handled correctly when added from the command line
•    Crashes that occurred when rendering and thumbnailing operations were in use

In addition to fixes, languages included in the translation updates include:
•    Shantha kumar (ta)
•    Khaled Hosny (ar)
•    Jiro Matsuzawa (ja)
•    Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (eu)
•    Gheyret Kenji (ug)

This latest update follows hot on the heels of the Bodhi Linux 3.10 “App Pack”, of which Evince is one of the default apps included, alongside Chromium, Filezilla and Geany Text Editor

A true PDF spell-check – worth the admission price

Just the spell check alone is worth the money.

As far as I know, there is no other PDF application nor plug in can really spell check the actual contents of the PDF, not even Acrobat itself. All others product claims to preform check can only check the “Comments” field.

Some even suggest to go back to the original document file to run spell check there. Which is unpractical as most of us receive PDF file without the access to the original and we need to spell the PDF file.

All the other features in Infix [are] just as good as Acrobat if not better. The “Contents Text Box” works well for extracting text from various part of the document and replace back to same file. Good for contents requiring translation.

A time saver for this type of task if you need to have a few rounds of translation edits.

– Kanam Ngan

Glossary of Terms

PDF Glossary of Terms

Ever been working with a PDF editor and wondered what the terms being used mean? Redaction, CMYK, Reflow… they might sound like a foreign language (or techy language) to some, but we’ve put together this glossary in case you want to know more…

PDF collaboration

Collaborative working with PDF documents


Collaborative working has never been more important; many people across many sectors rely on others to finish projects and meet deadlines, and tools that make jobs easier all round are critical to the smooth running and completion of projects on time!

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Finland Flag

Commonly Translated Finnish Words


Officially known as the Republic of Finland, Finland is a Nordic country which is bordered by a number of countries including; Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia.

Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe and is has been an independent country since 1917.

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Global Communications

Globalisation Made Easy (er)

Being part of a global company has its pros and cons – as an employee, the bigger the company, in theory the safer your job is, with more resource and supplies to get things done and more revenue streams to drive bigger growth opportunities around the world! Global companies also have a larger talent pool for recruitment and a broader business base in which to spread potential risks, so market development is easier and successes can be found across different countries, even if other realms are showing slumps and signs of economic downturn.

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Aiding communications

Aiding Communications in Business

Communication: it’s what success in your business depends on. This means everything from managing workflow and dividing up labour, to keeping track of finances and making sure everyone – from world-weary chief executives down to fresh-faced interns – is on the same page about the company’s goals and way of working.

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Swedish flag flying

Most commonly translated Swedish words

Sweden is a popular Scandinavian country that is located in Northern Europe. Boarding neighbouring countries Finland and Norway, Sweden is the 3rd largest country in the European Union and has a population of just under 10 million inhabitants.
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Broken Piggy Bank

Warning: You’re losing money by not using a PDF editor

The title of this post may sound a little strong, but it’s true – if you or your staff are having to recreate documents saved as PDFs every time changes are needed, then the cost of “bums on seats” and time spent will be extremely high compared to the cost of investing in PDF editing software that can make the changes you need extremely quickly and even offer added functionality such as translation, redaction and even sort out typos should they be missed!

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poland flag

Most commonly translated Polish words

Poland, officially known as the Republic of Poland is a popular country boarded a number of countries; Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Poland is considered the 34th most popular country in the world and comes in at number 6 for the most popular member of the European Union. Continue reading