New iPad 3 Launch!

The launch of the iPad 2 drew crowds in locations all over the world. This queue formed in Regent Street, London.

When Apple call a press conference, a large proportion of the world stops to listen, and when they are talking about a new iPad, interest levels rise even higher. The tablet has caught the imagination of millions in its short existence and it appears to be the way forward with respect to communication, leisure (and even work for some). This means the new features and technologies are being picked over with great interest by people from all walks of life.


If you use the iPad for work, like we sometimes do, you need to know it will meet your needs. Most users will have PDFs for many different areas of their work and people need to know that these will still work. People also want to get into their files quicker and this is one aspect where Siri could help. Voice recognition and control is of ever increasing importance to Apple and it could boost productivity or reduce waiting time. Saving time by asking for a particular document as opposed to scrolling through documents can make life a bit smoother in the office. It’s an idea which we love and you probably will too!


The crisper display of the new iPad is something that catches the eye and many people will want to see how their PDFs look on the new screen. If your intention is to wow partners and potential new clients, having great looking files and documents on your tablet can make all the difference. This is where the iPad can excel as a business tool, showing you and your products in the best light.


A faster processor is also a benefit for users and whether this provides smoother movie watching or faster loading of business videos and PDFs, it seems to us to represent progress. Some people will always complain about Apple not progressing far enough with each new product, but the new iPad takes a number of steps forward.



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