Martial Arts with Infix

I am a martial arts instructor and needed a quick and easy way to create and edit my flyers that were in a PDF format. A friend of mine let me use his computer and a Program called Infix. I found this program very user friendly and it fit my needs perfectly. I am not very computer savvy, yet I found this very easy to understand and quick to learn.
I have tried to locate programs like this in the past, and have had little success. It either cannot do what I need or is too complicated for me to learn how to use it.
Adding pictures was a breeze, and my flyers looked like I had a professional do them, as for invoicing, again no problems there. By using this program I will be able to take control of my own flyers and invoicing issues and will be able to save myself time and money.
I have recommended this software to several other people I know who need something of this magnitude to help with their business and/or personal life.
Thank you Infix.
– Joe Bowers

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