Make and Share PDFs with Scan Master for Android

This app sort of reminds me of the time when the James Bond movies first came out and Secret Agent Man was a popular song.  Just about every movie had the agent snapping a picture of documents or plans with a microfilm camera and hoping to get away without getting caught with that camera on their person.



Today, just about everyone has a cell phone or smartphone with a camera and can take pictures of just about anything they wish.  Taking pictures of a document are a snap – literally, and you don’t need to worry about securing your delivery to Facebook, Pinterest and other social media.

Scan Master is a nice app that turns your smartphone into a scanner and generates PDF files.  You can then email or share those PDFs as you wish.

Made by Simple Tools, Scan Master is a free app with no advertisements.  It sports a large number of features that even some scanners do not have.

You can edit your images, rotate them left or right and crop them as you wish.  You can adjust the brightness, contrast and even the sharpness of the scan.  The CCM (Continuous Capture Mode) makes it easy to scam multiple pages or take multiple photos and combine them into a single PDF automatically without have to assemble them later.

Automated features like auto edge detection and auto effects processing provide a clean and easy PDF conversion.

You can also combine other pictures from your photo gallery.  Even files from any cloud storage you may have can be included in your PDFs.

Sharing is easy by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Check out the screenshots below.  You can get Scan Master from Google Play.


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