Inspired to blog by PDF editing awesomeness!

Awesome software!

I wanted to edit PDF price lists received from my suppliers, change the prices to my sales prices, send to my clients. I could not do so in other software.

I tried many others – downloaded, tried, un-installed – but could not get the result I wanted. On Infix – it was so easy and a breeze to change.

It also keeps the formatting – fonts and size exactly same as the other part of the document or line, no evidence that the changes have been done (except the watermark).

Pictures/specification/prices in an excel format but the changes was really easy and effective.

Probably a first for me to put out such a blog, but I am really happy and hope that others looking for similar result can use this software instead of trying out others and wasting time.

I am going to try editing some more PDF documents now!

– Abhishek China

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