Infix PDF Editor – saved time by being very intuitive

Our company, wanted a cost effective yet powerful PDF editing suite that everyone within the company can utilize-not just those in administration or marketing. Adobe is too costly, and the other software brands only convert (but not edit).

Infix was the only product we have found that performed even better than Adobe, and was affordable-that everyone in the company could have it on their computer.

In using Adobe editing, it still had its hurdles like matching fonts, colors, and properly formatting. We have not encountered these issues with infix.
Other companies like Corel had conversion issues, which would not properly convert fonts, colors, and/or distorting the format. Once more, Infix had no problems with those issues. Other software had problem with freezing during editing and/or conversion; again not with Infix. We’ve also found the experience using Infix was easier, saved time by being very intuitive to the user, and was a perfect in keeping the font, colors, formatting, and/or conversion true to the original.

Thus, we’ve never gone back to the others after using Infix; and we give our highest recommendation for Infix over any other.
Ral Swanson,
Director of Marketing

One thought on “Infix PDF Editor – saved time by being very intuitive”


    I like a lot INFIX because it allows to add and change informations in the PDF file. I usually use it during my work.


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