Infix aids future medical practioners!

I’m a student at medicine and one day i was browsing for a anatomy atlas and i found one in PDF format. I needed to extract some illustration for my research project on “Bipolar disorder”. Converting it was out of [question] due to incredible loss of information, pages layout\font shifting occurred in process of conversion.

I found Infix by chance searching for “PDF editor”. I was very pleased to see how easy is to use and how many details I can change and\or extract from PDF without conversion or damaging the original composition.

On another occasion I was assigned to create student passes for my course mates at the university.The PDF format for those was mandatory. Creating the base model was easy. When I had to add pictures, names & dates Infix PDF editor from Iceni was very, very useful and the only one I could use to interact and modify as needed.

Now I use PDF Editor as my only software for viewing, editing and printing pdf files. No need another software for pdf’s.

Thanks !
– Bogdan Ioan

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