Infix – a real ‘fix’ for PDF editing

At my level I need to import a lot of text, graphical information into documents and create coherent document in PDF formats for distribution. These documents after circulation comes back with corrections and suggestions and it took me a lot of time to re-work on the original documents and then re-convert them to PDF and compare with the revised proof, and this was cumbersome and prone to errors, going in cycles till I achieved the revised document.

Adobe professional is prohibitively costly and other freely available packages were not suitable for the graphical corrections and editing I have to regularly perform.

I chanced upon the ‘Infix’ which was a ‘fix’ in real sense as it solved all my problems at one shot and got me out of the fix I was regularly getting in.

Infix is easy to use, and get used to for various applications and once habituated it would be difficult, if not impossible to switch over to some other software. It is easy to master being logical in applications and the color, font, formatting etc. of the text and the precision and colors of the graphical data are preserved almost as good as the original.

Get on folks, change over to INFIX.

– Dauji Saha

2 thoughts on “Infix – a real ‘fix’ for PDF editing”

  1. Qihang

    Hi, this is the 3rd time I have downloaded something to fix my PDF files online.
    And the previous experiences were awful. The first one I did was not able to insert any picture at all. I spent doulbe time cost to install the software, no use. The second time, I was glad that there was a lot more function than the previous first download, but it turned out to be very very rough design on selecting different texts and contents, it drove me crazy.

    But, luckily, the 3rd time with Infix, everything works so smooth, and it turned out to have everything down very quickly, and effeciently, I really recommend this great software for those who are searching for a solution to edite PDF files.


  2. Rebecca Coe

    Hi Qihang

    Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience using Infix with us, we’re really pleased you’ve found a solution that works for you!

    We’ll be sharing your comment on our blog and with our social followers online.

    Thanks again
    Rebecca – Iceni


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