Historic Apple Launches throughout January


With the New Year proving a popular choice for Apple when planning the announcement and launch of new additions to their product portfolio, we reflect on a selection of more recent Apple products which were historically launched in the month of January, following on from the Apple Lisa, the Macintosh 128K, the Macintosh Plus and the Macintosh SE/30 in the early years of Apple.


January 2013 would see the 3rd Generation Rev A of Apple TV released, with Apple’s digital media player originally launched on January 9th 2007, allowing for users to access digital content and streaming media from various sources.


January 2012 saw Apple launch iBooks Author, a free of charge tool which allows users to create, publish and distribute their own works.


January 2010 came the announcement of iBooks by Apple, their e-book application which would be released for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.


January 2008 saw the release of the MacBook Air, which featured a full size keyboard in the notebook, yet was lightweight and thin in design.


January 2006 marked the launch of the MacBook Pro which consisted of a 15” model, with later generations including a 13” and 17” model and featuring a sleeker shaped aluminium design known as the Unibody.


January 2006 was also the release date for the iMac desktop computers offered by Apple, which featured the Core Duo the Intel CPU for the first time.


January 2005 saw the release of the Mac Mini desktop, as well as the iPod Shuffle showcased at the Macworld Conference & Expo, adding a further element to Apple’s digital audio portfolio.


January 2005 Apple launched a suite of desktop applications named iWork, which included Keynote a presentation tool, Numbers a spreadsheet application, and Pages providing for word processing functionality, for its OS X and iOS systems.


January 2004 the iPod Mini was announced and featured the click wheel, an element which would also appear on the iPod Nano, which later replaced the mini.


January 2001 saw the PowerBook G4 launched at the MacWorld Expo, the PowerBooks were powerful machines with long battery life and with designs in both titanium and aluminium.



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