Happy Car Club with PDF Editor

I was requested by my car club to revise a PDF event flier to reflect changes for this year’s event. I am a less than average computer user with limited skills. I accepted the challenge to take on this task and searched on-line for PDF editing software to use.

There were a variety of options available from a well-known free software web site. Infix PDF Editor had many positive reviews with few negative comments. This is the one I chose to go with.

Downloading PDF Editor was a breeze. It was seamless and quick and with a few mouse clicks, PDF Editor was ready to use. The user interface was intuitive and familiar.

The resemblance to popular and commonly used word processing programs was apparent and immediately put me at ease. Within a matter of seconds, my PDF document was on-screen and ready to be edited.

Both I and my car club were pleased at the result.

-Jeff Willers

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