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Happy Anniversary, MoCo


Today, August 3rd, marks the 8th anniversary of the Mozilla Corporation’s (MoCo) founding in California. Headed up by Gary Kovacs (CEO), MoCo is a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and exists the handle the revenue-related aspects that the Foundation cannot, due to its non-profit status. It may not be the anniversary for Mozilla itself (that was back in February), but we thought we’d have a look back at Mozilla’s top 5 achievements to celebrate anyway….


Firefox Browser


Firefox is widely acclaimed throughout the Internet world, its open source code and free download status giving it instant gain, but it has yet to take the top spot in the browser wars in terms of worldwide usage; Google’s Chrome browser currently holds the top spot and has done for a while.


One of Firefox’s main attractions is the amount of Add Ons that have been developed for integral use; unlike Chrome, Add Ons appear within the browser and don’t load separate windows when open. Additionally, Firefox is easy to customise with a range of skins and appearance tweaks, not only for aesthetics but also for functionality.


Firefox for mobile is also now available, which is an application suitable for smaller, non-PC devices and mobile phones.


Thunderbird Email Client
A direct contender to Microsoft’s Outlook, Thunderbird is free and open source and well loved by many around the world. Initially released in 2003, Thunderbird has actually been classed as low priority for development at the moment by the Mozilla team, as they are aware that the continuous extending of the functions already inbuilt was becoming pointless; Thunderbird already caters for the majority of user needs.


It is possible to add extensions and themes to Thunderbird and CSS/image files can be downloaded as Add Ons. It runs on a wide range of platforms, including Linux, OS X and Windows.


SeaMonkey is Mozilla’s set of Internet programs, including ChaZilla, Composer (HTML editor), Mail & Newsgroups and Calendar. Originating from the former Mozilla Application Suit, SeaMonkey operates on a community-driven development basis, led by the SeaMonkey Council.


SeaMonkey has its own browser away from Firefox, SeaMonkey Navigator and its own Mail client simply called SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups. It supports customisation through a variety of skins and has a WYSIWYG HTML editor.


Bugzilla is Mozilla’s bugtracker from their development tools range, licenced under the Mozilla Public License. It is used worldwide by a wide range of well-known names, including the Wikimedia Foundation, Yahoo!, Apache and Red Hat, as well as obviously Mozilla themselves.


The latest version of Bugzilla is v4.4 and was released in May 2013.


Sunbird is a cross-platform, open source calendar program that is based on Mozilla’s XUL language. A standalone version of the Mozilla Calendar Project, Sunbird works on a variety of operation systems and is currently working stable release 1.0 Beta 1 released in 2010.


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