Great Free PDF Reader Apps for Android Devices

There are many free PDF reader apps for Google’s Android devices.  We thought we would find some of the ones that have the best ratings and a wide distribution.

The more people who install and rate an app, the better in terms of giving a real-world rating score that should be pretty accurate.  We have chosen what we feel are the top three, so here we go!

Adobe Reader is the most popular PDF reader for Android devices.

With over 243,000 people rating Adobe Reader it has a 4.4 out of 5 rating. Somewhere between 50 to 100 million people have installed this program on their Android devices in the last 30 days.  In addition to viewing PDF files, other features are available such as highlight, strikethrough, underline, freehand drawing, sticky notes and text add tools.  You can also use the ink signature tool to sign the document with your finger and electronically sign along with other people via Adobe EchoSign.


Aldiko Book Reader has over 57,000 people rating it for a score of 4.4 out of 5.

Between 5and 10 million people have downloaded this app in the last 30 days.  Besides being able to read PDF documents, it also supports EPUB, Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks, and eBooks from public libraries. It supports adjustable font size and type, colors, line spacing, brightness and reading at night.


Moon+ Reader has been installed between 1 and 5 million times in the last 30 days.

Over 64,000 people have rated the Moon+ Reader and have given it a 4.5 rating.  This app supports various annotations such as underline, strike-through and highlighting in multiple colors.  Besides PDF viewing, Moon+ Reader supports text, html, ePub, Mobi and a lot of other formats.


Android Reading Devices Photo via Flickr by Johan Larsson

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