Feedback – Research student, “Mr.Infix”

Being a research student in the area of advertising & content management, I am involved in modifying and creating a lot of documents on a day-to-day basis. It was a pain to modify or add even a small text in a PDF document for re-usability until I discovered Infix from Iceni Technology.
I am currently using the trial version (soon to be upgraded! – ed.) which makes my life so easy. It allows me to do my content editing work very fast and efficiently. I could now use my time more on the actual research rather than spending so much time running around for PDF document editing.
Now-a-days, in my institute, lots of my co-students and my professors, are very keen to use Infix for their work. Even some of them started calling me as Mr. Infix and I am liking it.
Thanks Infix for making my life better.
– Ash Barman

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