Feedback: No need to convert PDF in order to edit – Wow!

Wow! It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of this amazing product, “Infix PDF Editor”.
My primary need is the ability to edit the text in a PDF document. Some experts recommend you convert your PDF to another format, such as Microsoft Word, and perform your edits that way. The problem with this approach is that, when you convert back to PDF, you will invariably lose or destroy the formatting of your original PDF file. So that’s not a practical approach.
This problem vanishes with “Infix PDF Editor”, because it can edit text in your PDF document WITHOUT CONVERTING IT TO ANOTHER FORMAT. What’s more, it will handle the flow of text across your document, so everything still looks proper. In addition, you can insert comments, adjust font formatting and colors, insert text-boxes, links, highlighting, page-numbers… the list goes on. Plus it has drawing tools, like object layering and automatic alignment. It has tools to help you correct OCR errors. You can insert entirely new pages, and add page-numbers. It even has global search and replace.
This product has it all!
– Johny Why

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