Feedback: It really is Word for PDF!

The Infix PDF Editor is the only editor that I found that can actually edit text as easily as editing a Word document. With most other (so-called) PDF editors, editing consists of inserting text via text boxes that overlay the document, in effect treating the document as if it were graphical image. While the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor is more powerful, the Infix PDF Editor can do virtually everything that the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor can do, and at a considerably lower price.

The drop-down menus of the Infix PDF Editor are very similar to those menus in Word as well as the other Microsoft Office products, so those of us with experience in working with Word have a greatly reduced learning curve in becoming familiar with the Infix PDF Editor.

Another nice feature of the Infix PDF Editor is its ability to manipulate graphical images and reformat pages, a capability that is rarely present in PDF editors.

– Stanley Korn

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