Feedback – Amending sales orders

Hello Guys!
I use infix to amend my sales orders which SAP Small Business generates for me. I use that document to confirm orders to customers (with dollar amounts) and for production (where I have to eliminate the $ amounts for confidentiality reasons). We don’t write separate production orders.
It also comes in handy for all the PDFs I receive from clients where I have to amend text. It saves me time as i don’t have to go back to the client and ask for word docs.
Overall a great product!
Wishing you all the best,
Chris Kull

One thought on “Feedback – Amending sales orders”

  1. Juan P.

    Me parece una buenisima herramienta, de gran utilidad, la recomiendo a todas las personas que en algun momento tengan necesidad de manipular algun tipo de documento como estos. Yo lo he utilizado en documentos de prueba y todo ha funcionado a la perfeccion, realmente lo RECOMIENDO


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