Favorite PDF Readers for Linux

The popularity of Linux systems is rapidly growing.  Being mostly free and open-sourced, this operating system is a big favorite among engineers and software gurus.

The number of distributions is growing and many of those have user-friendly interfaces.  In the early years, Linux had a bad reputation for having a confusing interface among Microsoft and Apple users and were difficult to install.



Now Linux distributions have easy interfaces and are easy to install by a novice.  Additional user-friendly application programs are available and some small businesses are even using Linux to save on software expenses and maintenance costs.

One important program is a PDF Reader.  There are many out there and many people have their favorites, which we will examine for you here.


Evince is one such PDF reader and it is included in the GNOME desktop.  It is included in many Linux distributions such as Fedora, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.  Naturally, it is Free.

Besides reading PDF files it can also read all GNOME documents in addition to DjVu, DVI, PostScript, TIFF and XPS files


Okular is another PDF reader that is included with a Linux Distributions that support the KDE desktop.  Okular also reads CHM, DjVu, DVI, ODT, PostScript, TIFF and XPS files.


The FoxItReader is a good PDF viewer for Linux.  FoxItReader’s claim to fame is its small footprint, fast speed in loading and low memory usage.  It can be installed on just about any distribution and comes in Bz2, DEB and RPM packages.

Adobe Reader

Last, but not least, Adobe Reader is available for Linux.  We expected this to be available for just about any platform, as Adobe started the PDF craze.

Do you have any favorites that are not listed here?

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