• Posted Feb. 27, 2012, 10:57 a.m. - 9 years, 8 months ago

Evolving Technologies – How Software Is Becoming More User Friendly

Old Computer

Antiquated: Computers soon becomes outdated, as does their software.


Even though home computers didn’t start arriving in people’s homes until the 1980s, it would be difficult to think of modern life without them. The emergence of the internet has transformed the way that people live their lives, which is all the more remarkable when you think that it is not that long ago that the most basic computer would stop people in their tracks with amazement. The rate of pace that computer technology has changed with over the years has been astounding and even confident computer users of the 1980s would be stunned at how simple running programs and software is today.


Back in the 1980s, it was a trial getting a program to load, let alone use it! Some programs involved the user typing in the code themselves or waiting for a long period of time while the cassette loaded. Yes, software programs used to be stored on tapes and it sometimes seemed to be down to pot luck whether the program loaded or not!


Floppy disks were a massive step on with regards to memory size and loading programs but in the era of digital downloads, even these disks seem massively antiquated.


If the loading process of software programs has improved, it is nothing compared to the ease of use of modern software. Early computer users would find themselves tied to the user manual to use a program, but with the modern trend of one-click installations and graphical user interfaces (GUI), even a novice computer user can sit with a new software program and grasp the basics.


A good example of this can be found in PDF editing software, which has progressed a staggering amount in recent years. A decade ago, editing such a document would have required a training course.  These days, it can be as simple as using a word processing document.
The advancement of technology has helped programmers to develop more intuitive and easier to use software, a change which has long been demanded by the user.


With more users needing programs like PDF editing packages for business or personal use, it is necessary to ensure that new software can be used by everyone who wants to use it. This has led to programmers creating with the end user in mind. In many cases, the end user is not a trained or experienced computer user; they are ordinary people with a finite amount of time to spend working out new programs!
There has never been a better time to use software packages, so if you have any document you wish to transform, edit or bring to life, the right PDF editing software can put you in control.

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