Editing PDFs for your congregation the easy way

If you head up a place of worship, you’ll more than likely spend a lot of time writing and editing documents to deliver at your worship sessions. Not only sermons and speeches, but other items of paperwork will also need to be created, such as donation leaflets, prayer sheets and song lyrics to hand out to your congregation.

There may be a split between writing these from scratch yourself and using template documents – for example, you’ll want to write your Sunday sermon, but you won’t need to write out hymn lyrics manually. You’ve probably already got access to electronic documents with this type of information on, which is great as it cuts the time you need to spend preparing, but does mean you’re limited to the design of the documents, especially if they’re in PDF format as they can’t be edited – or can they?

The answer is yes – if you have PDF documents that you want to edit (even at short notice), programs such as Infix can do this for you even if you don’t have the source file readily available. This may be lost, corrupted or on a separate computer and not easily accessible, but using a program to edit PDF documents overcomes the problem, as it means you can redesign almost every element to match more with your style, logo and preferred fonts for example.

Editing a PDF with a dedicated program is a much easier and quicker way of ensuring that you have a professional looking document to hand out, even at short notice. No more burning the candle at both ends, frantically trying to get everything ready for the next day – and using a comprehensive PDF editing program also means that documents can be translated, so if you need to create documents for parishioners in a different language, this should also be possible.




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