Editing graphical “Vampire” PDFs – the easy way

As a self-publishing author, I struggled with converting Word documents into PDF format in order to upload manuscripts to the server. Especially in terms of charts, most PDF editors destroy it upon conversion. Not only need I rebuild it within the PDF editor, but in actuality I need rebuild it every time I amend the manuscript and again convert to PDF. Talk about a tedious waste of time. But then I discovered Infix. This gem allows all manuscript editing to be accomplished with the PDF environment. There is no conversion process, and therefore no need to continuously re-modify the charts and graphs.

Infix is peace-of-mind which keeps me focused on the manuscript as opposed to the tedious PDF conversion and inherent recreation. Infix is the pinnacle of PDF editors!

My first book, Messiah and the Sign of Jonah, had relatively few charts, and still the PDF conversion was an on-going headache. Then I was asked to re-write Vampire Killer 2012, which is graphic intensive; and the very reason I started researching the world of PDF editors. Upon my discovery of Infix, my hesitation to head the project has subsided and I’m on-board one hundred percent!

I encourage everyone who’s considering such a project to save yourself the time, and spare yourself the frustration. Infix is an all-encompassing simplifying solution to the world of PDF.

Christopher Jones
Messiah and the Sign of Jonah

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