Ebooks Are the Wave of the Future and Now

It seems like everyone loves reading books.  Many people still have bookcases full of them.  How many of you collect particular authors and read them over and over again?  Have any of you ever bought a book because you wore one out over the years?



Books are companions for some, leading them on world-wide journeys and comforting them beside a roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s night.  What would you do without them?

Many of us even have written our own books or short stories and have even self-published in the PDF format.  If you have a blog, you can even turn that into a PDF an publish it.  You can even have it printed in hard copy and sold through many different world-wide outlets.

If you are thinking of publishing a book or have one already, you may want to consider another format that is becoming very attractive.  The eBook (Ebook) or electronic book is gaining in popularity by the day. As far back as 2011, Barnes & Noble electronic book sales were outselling the physical books by a margin of three to one.

Now, according to the Pew Research Center, 33% of the people 16 and older own Ebook readers or tablets that they use for reading Ebooks.  And that doesn’t account for the people who read Ebooks on their computers and laptops or even smartphones.

So if you are going to be publishing a book or even your families cookbook recipes, consider doing it in Ebook format.  We have even written a blog post showing you how to publish an Ebook from your PDF using Infix.

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