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Dragon Dictation Suite Update

If you’re a user of Dragon dictation software for Mac then you’ll be pleased to hear that a bunch of upgrades have been rolled out to give users access to enhanced features and customization capabilities to further improve workflow and productivity in the workplace. Nuance, the creators behind the Dragon suite of products, have also introduced a “Batch Mode” which allows for work on multiple files at once. A special upgrade pricing scheme will also be in place for users with existing products to upgrade to the new versions.

The 3 programs to have received updates are:

Dragon Professional Individual (version 15)
This will go on sale for $300 and allows the individual user to create reports, emails and more, quicker and more efficiently than when using previous versions.

Dragon Legal Individual (version 15)
The new version of this program will go on sale with a starting price tag of $500 and has been designed with an all-new, next-gen speech engine that gives improved efficiency, accuracy and reduced transcription times to legal professionals. This will aid faster document turnaround and reduce costs.

Dragon Professional Individual for Mac (version 6)
This will go on sale in September in the US, UK and Australia for $300 for both digital and retail versions. New features include Deep Learning Technology, enhanced accuracy for dictation (24% more accurate than previous versions) and powerful mobility features to drive documentation productivity.

Interested in buying or upgrading? Visit http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.htm to find out more.


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