Don’t kill trees – use Infix!

Many users today know how to get their forms and documents converted to PDF format. However, they lack the functionality to have the form useful in a digital format. I’ve lost count the number of PDFs that I have received as a form with no form fields.
Infix has allowed me to take the frustration out of killing a tree to fill the form and use old technology, like fax, or loose quality rescanning it in to send the completed form back. The word processor interface allows me to naturally and easily modify the document by adding the information into the areas where the form fields should have been. My returning forms would be clean, clear, and stay in high quality.
For legal documents, this works great with DocuSign uploading the form and signing the document. Together, the PDF with the edits from Infix and signature form Docusign, the process looks very professional.
– Eddie Hui

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