Will Crocodoc win the PDF battle

Crocodoc – The Latest In PDF Viewing


The PDF editing and viewing giant Adobe may be facing their biggest ever challenge in the face of the up and coming PDF software giant Crocodoc. But what is Crocodoc? Who are they and are they really a worthy competitor to Adobe’s PDF crown?



Crocodoc are an IT production company which used to specialise in simple web annotation tools. In previous versions of their software, you could upload your Word or PowerPoint presentations online, share them with colleagues and create and receive annotations for suggested changes. However, the functionality of Crocodoc has recently changed and developed to bring it more in line with the services offered by Adobe’s Acrobat Pro, namely, with the introduction of PDF annotation.


The main quick sell for Crocodoc is the fact that you can use the software to upload a PDF into HTML5 format for sharing and display on websites and mobile applications. Adobe’s dominance in the past has been achieved despite what some would consider a ‘weakness’; Adobe requires plug-in and downloads for many of its applications, and in the past, these required downloads have been occasionally capitalised on by untrustworthy software developers and used to install viruses and malware on user’s home PCs. However, Crocodoc’s unique “lightweight” approach means it doesn’t require downloads. Therefore home users don’t need any installable desktop software or any plug-in in order to make use of the PDF upload, viewing and annotation functionality.


Users of Crocodoc can upload and share their PDF documents, customise how they appear and even view them on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Such functionality with low cost and low security risks could mean that Crocodoc proves to be a worthy competitor to Adobe.


In terms of PDF editing, PDF viewing and PDF annotation, will Crocodoc even prove to be a competitor to Adobe’s dominance? Only time will tell…


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