• Posted Aug. 24, 2015, 9:03 a.m. - 7 years, 1 month ago

Creating a good password

Key On Computer Showing Privacy Password Or Unlocking

If you’ve ever spent a long time creating a document you want to ultimately keep safe, then you’ll understand how important a password is! You’ve invested time and money into the writing and creation of your content, so keeping it safe is top priority – but you must remember the golden rules of creating a good, solid password first!

  • Make sure your password is something memorable and not just a selection of random numbers and letters that you’ll struggle to recall at a later date
  • Including a mixture of capital letters and numbers that mean something is a good idea, as programs that allow for the use of passwords will typically be case sensitive
  • Numbers that replace letters, such as “3” for “E” or “1” for “I” is also a good way to integrate them into a password, without making an obvious date or number
  • Keep your passwords unique – don’t use the same one across all of your documents and accounts, variety is the key! Using the same thing all the time makes it easier for anyone who does break your password to hack into all of your protected files and access areas.
  • Consider setting up a backup memorable question or date as a password prompt, just in case you do forget it – but the answer shouldn’t just be your password either!

Protecting PDF Documents

The majority of programs and document types have password functionality, and PDFs are no exception. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t offer this as standard, but using a third party PDF program such as Infix allows you to add additional document security. In this case, both User and Master passwords can be set if desired, allowing different functionality options to different users of the document.

Security with Collaboration

If you have documents that are shared with other users, passwords are more important than ever, because there is an increased chance the document could fall into the wrong hands. Whether each user has their own password or the same one is shared (we’d recommend unique passwords per user when possible), adding this simple security measure could be the difference between a safe document and one that can be opened and edited by anyone (especially if it is saved online or on the cloud)