Commonly Used Canadian Words & Phrases

This month, we are looking at Canada. Typically, in Canada, they speak English or Canadian French, so instead, we are looking at a few of the phrases that Canadians use in everyday life, and what they mean. Can you add anything to the list?

Canadian words and phrases – English

Canadian Word English Translation
Toonie A $2 coin
Double double Slang used to ask for coffee with two creams and two sugars
Gut-foundered Being very hungry
Kitty-corner Something that is in a diagonal direction from something else
Chinook Warm wind that blows over the Canadian Rockies
Darts cigarettes
Gitch Underwear
Matrimonial cake Date square or tart – form of cake
Rink rat Someone who loves ice skating
Pencil crayon Coloured pencil
Pop Fizzy drink
Hydro electricity


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