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Commonly Translated Finnish Words


Officially known as the Republic of Finland, Finland is a Nordic country which is bordered by a number of countries including; Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia.

Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe and is has been an independent country since 1917.

Finnish – English

Swedish Word English Translation
Hei Hello
Auttaa Help
Nimittäminen Appointment
Tietokone Computer
Raha Money
Valuutta Currency
Verkossa Online
Eilen Yesterday
Ohjelmisto Software
Käännös Translation

English – Finnish

Swedish Word English Translation
Headquarters Päämaja
Although Vaikka
Private Yksityinen
Weekdays Arkisin
Meeting Kokous
Colleagues Työtovereiden
Director Johtaja
Contract Sopimus
Business Plan Liiketoimintasuunnitelma
Trade Kauppa

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