• Posted Aug. 13, 2013, 10:34 a.m. - 9 years, 1 month ago

Celebrating the Lefties

Today is officially Left Handers Day – all Lefties stand up and be counted! The majority of us are right handed and don’t always appreciate the issues being a leftie can cause even in our everyday lives, so we’ve decided today to highlight 4 great office inventions designed to help left handers do their jobs easier.


Left handed computer mouse
It is actually possible to buy a mouse designed for left handed users – the shape is curved to match the natural arc of the left hand as opposed to the right, with the buttons shifted the other way for easy clicking.
It is also possible to make Windows or other operating systems recognise left handed users by playing with the mouse settings in the control panel to switch the primary and secondary mouse buttons round.


Left handed computer keyboard
As well as left handed computer mice, it is also possible to buy left handed keyboards that are ergonomically designed for Lefties to provide extra support and easier typing. The keyboards are reversed so the ten-key set up is on the left with the main keyboard shifted over to the right.


Left handed stationary items
There is a wide range of stationary available for Lefties, including but not limited to scissors, notebooks, pens, rulers and tape measures. These have all been designed to be switched round, so for example a spiral bound notebook will have the spiral on the right hand side and not the left, so it can be flipped over easier.


Left handed office desk
Being a Leftie sitting at a Rightie desk can actually cause you to suffer from complaints such as a bad back or twisted neck as you will be constantly sitting across yourself to work. Make sure you have a left handed desk, so the curve is to the left of you, not the right, and your legs are positioned straight and not bent round. Sitting badly at a desk can lead to what you may initially class as minor strains but actually cause bigger and more long lasting problems, so make sure you sit right in the first place.


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