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Attack on computer

Malware File Types Changing to Look less Suspect

Following on from our previous post about the State of Malware report from Malwarebytes last week, a new warning has been released from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center that malware distributors are now using less suspicious and known file types in an attempt to make their emails look more genuine, and as such convince more users to open the files.

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Malware download

Are You on Top of Your Malware Prevention Practices?

With the latest State of Malware report from Malwarebytes stating that Europe is the continent most riddled with malware, what measures do you have in place to protect yourself and others in your organisation from becoming infected?

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Trojan horse

The Origins of the Term “Trojan Horse”

As developers, we’re aware that some of the lingo we speak as our “native language” perhaps isn’t used in the same way by those not in the same sector. When we talk about a Kernel Data inpage error we’re not discussing problems with our favourite breakfast cereals, and if you overhear us chatting about the cloud it doesn’t mean we’re debating whether one looks more like a sheep or a ball of cotton wool – so we’re well aware there are often times (usually in the café), we might get some strange looks.

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Managing Malware & Virus Risks in PDF Documents

Whilst we boast that Infix is immune to all PDF viruses, not all PDF viewers or editing programs can say the same and it’s important that users are aware of what to look out for when they receive a PDF that contains multimedia content and/or hyperlinks (2 of the most common causes of malware spread via a PDF document).

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Open Source

Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Programs

Using open source software can have its benefits – the quality can be better than when using proprietary programs, as more than one development team can work to iron out bugs and glitches. End users can also have more of a say in the future development of the software, including custom elements and flexibility with compatibility to different operating systems. Some of the most popular software in the world is open source, including Linux, WordPress, Firefox, Magento and Thunderbird, and typically the response is good, but there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of! Security is a big concern, and it’s important that both developers and users of open source software know how to protect themselves.

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Secure Computer

Avoiding Malware Threats


Back in December, we wrote about the common malware threats that can attack PDF documents, especially the CVE-2014-0496 threat, classed as severe then and still a big threat now. Today, we want to address how to avoid malware from the start.

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Common Malware Threats within PDF Documents

Mal – Malicious. Ware – Software. MalWare

Malware has been around almost as long as the internet has, and there will always be hackers waiting for an opportunity to arise and to be taken advantage of. Every file type out there is far game, and it is important that web developers and users alike take comprehensive precautions to prevent against and stop malware entering their computers and websites, and tackle anything that does – quickly!

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