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Kindle 50MB Limit Exceeded

How to Overcome the 50MB “Send to Kindle” File Size Limit

Do you find yourself frustrated by the 50MB limit imposed by Amazon when trying to send large documents to your Kindle wirelessly? If you use it for reading eBooks and files then you may find yourself victim to this limit more often than you’d like, but there is a way around it that doesn’t involve plugging into your computer and transferring via USB cable (not always practical on the move and defeats the purpose of a wireless e-reader!)

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GM Bot

GM Bot Update


Android Malware GM Bot has been in the news lately as it was revealed that the source code was leaked online in December, leading to the increased likelihood that cyberattackers will be hitting Android users with a new wave of dangerous banking malware. The source code is available for free on the dark web, and also includes server-side instructions and tutorials to allow the malware to infect vulnerable devices.

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Events in Computing History – September

September 2nd


Event: The first initial release of Google chrome web browser.

Interesting Facts:

  • Although it was released after Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Chrome is the most used web browser in the world, taking 39% of the market for usage.
  • Google Chrome is the only web browser with a built in language translator and able to convert up to 53 different languages.

Before chrome was released the chairman of Google (Eric Schmidt) was against the idea of a web browser as he considered the company too small to compete with the likes of Internet Explorer and Firefox and the idea was suspended for 6 years.

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Five Android Apps That Use PDFs


Android smart phones are now officially the most popular in the world, having overtaken Apple iPhones in late 2011. For many years now the Adobe PDF has been the most popular document format in the world. If you love your Android and you love your PDFs then read on for a list of the five essential apps you need to own.


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