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Swedish flag flying

Most commonly translated Swedish words

Sweden is a popular Scandinavian country that is located in Northern Europe. Boarding neighbouring countries Finland and Norway, Sweden is the 3rd largest country in the European Union and has a population of just under 10 million inhabitants.
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poland flag

Most commonly translated Polish words

Poland, officially known as the Republic of Poland is a popular country boarded a number of countries; Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Poland is considered the 34th most popular country in the world and comes in at number 6 for the most popular member of the European Union. Continue reading

Commonly Translated Italian Words & Phrases

This month, the beautiful country of Italy is under our spotlight.
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Country Spotlight: Canada

Consisting of ten different provinces and three territories, Canada is located in North America and is home to over 35 million people. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Canada also has an extremely high education rate when compared with other countries in similar size.In this month’s spotlight, we take a closer look at some of Canada’s famous inhabitants and exports: Continue reading

Country Spotlight: Czech Republic

A small, landlocked country situated in central Europe, the Czech Republic was formerly known as Bohemia. Surrounded by Germany on the west, Austria on the south, Slovakia to the south east and Poland to the north east, the Czech Republic is home to over 10 million people. The capital, Prague is nearly 2 million of these call their home.

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Country Spotlight: Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small yet densely populated country and is the second largest exporter of goods after the United States. Ruled as a Kingdom by current monarch Willem-Alexander (since 2013), the country has been responsible for producing some of the world’s tallest people – men average a height of 184cm and women 170cm! On a more serious note, the Netherlands has also been the home of many different inventions and famous personages, including: Continue reading

French Flag

Country Spotlight: France

As the fifth largest global economy by nominal GDP and the largest country in the European Union (EU) by area, it is little wonder that France is recognised as a major power internationally. The second most populated country in the EU overall, the commercial centre of France is the capital city Paris, the metropolitan area of which has a population of 12,292,895. Boasting Europe’s second largest economy, France is home to 31 Fortune Global 500 companies and is known for its industry, energy, agricultural and tourist sectors – all of which can, and do, benefit from effective PDF editing software. Below we celebrate some of France’s top inventors, companies and innovations:

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Country Spotlight: Germany

Boasting the largest national economy in Europe and with a strong leaning toward engineering, manufacturing and the service industry, it is little wonder that Germany is one of the top markets for PDF editing software. We feel it is important to explore some of the major contributions German inventors and companies have made to the wider world, so below we explore just some of their famous scientists, engineers and innovations.

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Country Spotlight: Russia

One of the biggest countries to use Infix PDF Editor is Russia – the translation features built into the software make converting text from one language to another (and sometimes back again) extremely easy! Seeing a lot of downloads coming in from Russia piqued our interest, and we’ve had a deeper look into the country and their technological achievements over the years!

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