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Is this how your e-signature could look?

E-Signatures – Why Do We Use Them?

You may have heard the phrase “e-signature”, but do you know what it means? An e-signature, also known as “e-siggy” for short, is an Electronic Signature used when working with electronic messaging services, such as e-mail. It takes the place of a physical signature and is most commonly used on programs such as Outlook and Thunderbird when sending emails, as well as within documents such as contracts sent electronically.

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Five Ways To Be Green In The Office

Every home in the country now has access to recycling facilities. For many of us it is the council provided wheelie bin for our tins and paper and many take their eco-friendliness even further with energy efficient light bulbs and better insulation. But what if you want to be more eco-friendly at work? Read on for five tips to help you become more ‘green’ in the office.



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