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Can an estate agent make good use of a PDF editor?


PDFs are used in a range of industries from leisure to marketing, catering to translators, but one industry that may come as a surprise is real estate. It possibly shouldn’t; after all, estate agents give out details about every house on their books to prospective buyers or renters, and these have to be created and edited somehow.

Next time you drive by an estate agent’s window, just think of all the properties available, usually displayed with full-colour images and details in the window. Those also have to be created and edited from a template, and this is where a good PDF editor comes in.

The majority of estate agents are owned by big chains (not all – there are still plenty of independents out there), and they all have to use the same marketing documents to sell or rent their properties out. This includes brochures, leaflets and photo displays, all of which have come from a template and edited time and time again for each property – that’s a lot of editing and a lot of time potentially to be spent if the right tools aren’t available! If each brochure or display is saved in PDF format, then editing these PDFs needs to be done professionally and with clear, slick imagery and text content – after all, this is the first step on the marketing ladder for a lot of agents, and it’s important they get it right!

The same applies to an independent agent; they may not have a big head office to answer to, but their marketing materials all still need to be slick and well-presented, to encourage people through the door!

So, the answer is that yes, estate agents can make good use of PDF editing software. All marketing materials used in this industry require smooth editing and a slick finish, so it’s important that elements such as maps, photos and text are all edited and formatted properly. A good program will allow for resizing of media (maps, photos), text updates (property prices and details), addition of watermarks if required and even renumbering of pages in brochures if needed.

Need further proof? Read our latest testimonial from a happy customer in New York who used Infix to help close a property deal in Florida.


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