• Posted Oct. 13, 2012, 12:11 p.m. - 9 years, 10 months ago

Benefits of Using PDF Files

PDF (Portable Document Format) files were designed to be portable and OS/machine independent.  The benefits of using it in your business and personal life are immense.


PDF Reader

PDFs are universally accepted and displayed around the world.  No matter what country in the world where you send a PDF file, they will be able to open it.

It will be able to be opened on any machine running any operating system and in any language.  You do not have to worry about graphics standards or foreign character language sets.  Other documents might not be able to be displayed due to incompatibilities in the OS (Operating System) or a missing language pack.

With a PDF, the document will not be translated automatically, but it will be displayed correctly, no matter what language was used to create it.  Even the “look and feel” of the document will be preserved.

PDF files can be created with a variety of security features.  Access control is achieved through a variety of features.  The PDF can be create as an encrypted PDF file and protected with a password.  You can also require an electronic certificate to open the file.  This makes the file very secure.

Content control is another important function of PDF options.  Printing of the PDF file and copying the document content can both be denied in order to protect intellectual property.  You can prevent or allow someone to edit or change the document and even prevent pages from being removed.

Identification is possible through custom background creation and watermarks.  The watermarks can be applied in several positions and with varying strength of opacity from 0%to 100%

Digitally signing the PDF is also under your control.  It is possible to allow a person to sign the PDF, but prevent them from changing the content.  This is good for contracts and internal signoff routing.

All things considered, the PDF file is an easy way to share you documents and still control them.

PDF Reader photograph via Flickr by goXunuReviews