Believe it or not…

This month recognises international Guinness World Record Day on November 16th, and as we all know, the Guinness World Record collection is home to some of the wackiest and funniest ideas that have broken records the world over. We’ve compiled our top 4 in the computing and software sectors for us to amaze at today

Longest career as a computer software developer

All hail to Kaneyuki Yamaguchi who has been working as a computer software developer in Japan for over 49 years, since 1964. Having started his career at ITOCHU Corporation, Yamaguchi is now the Director of his own software company, IS22 Corporation.

Fastest Office

Odd as it sounds, this is actually a genuine record and is held by a desk travelling at 87mph across Westminster Bridge on 9th November, 2006. The desk was deemed as roadworthy and driven by Edd China to celebrate the same day we’re celebrating – Guinness World Record Day!

For those of you thinking, “Edd China…I know that name”, Edd presents Wheeler Dealers & Auto Trader alongside Mike Brewer. He also held the record for driving the world’s fastest sofa at 92mph until this was broken in 2013 by Perry Watkins.

Most Expensive Computer Keyboard

Well, in true Guinness Record style, the world’ most expensive keyboard is hand coated in Urishi lacquer and dusted in gold. Made in Japan and named the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan, it retails at a whopping £2000 – definitely not seen in a lot of offices!

Most Powerful Distributed Computing Network

Held by US network company Folding@Home, the most powerful network achieved a computing power of 1 quadrillion, aka a “petaflop”.

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