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A Look at the Rumours Surrounding the iPhone 6

The internet is rife with rumours and speculation regarding what Apple will bring us in the much anticipated iPhone6 release.  With June and September historically being Apple’s chosen months to launch previous models, and iOS8 having already been introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, September is looking very promising for the arrival of iPhone6 which is generating ever increasing levels of interest.

Suggestions are being made that a key feature of the new design will be an increase in size with the possibility of 4.7 and 5.5 inch models hitting the shelves – again these are just rumours although it would make sense given the variety of iOS8 features that would benefit from a larger screen.  With what is believed to be iPhone6 molds and even images of front plates appearing online there is growing evidence seeming to back up this theory.  Whispers of further enhanced resolution when compared to the iPhone5S are also being heard along with further improvements to the iPhone’s camera technology.


The use of sapphire crystal in the new models is also a possibility in a move to reduce the number of broken and scratched screens, and the use of liquidmetal will allow thinner designs with a lighter chassis to be produced.  However the use of such materials may have a knock on effect to the cost of the iPhone6 – speculation regarding pricing is currently starting around the £500-£550 mark for the 4.7 inch model and ranging to £600-£700 for the larger model, although no official pricing information has yet been released.


Expected to work together with Apple’s iWatch, another innovative concept yet to be released, the iPhone6 may also feature the A8 processor and offer 128GB internal or expandable storage option as available with the iPad.  Wireless charging could also be a key benefit to users along with a NFC or Near Field Communication Chip which allows 2 devices within close proximity to communicate. EarPods to monitor heart rate and blood pressure are also said to feature in the new release, enabling easy interaction with the pioneering health app that is part of iOS8.


As always Apple are likely to surprise us with yet more pioneering features with the iPhone6, so the possibilities are endless and although the above are all just rumours at this stage lets hope we don’t have to wait too long for its unveiling, and the announcement of exactly what the long awaited and latest release from Apple offers.


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