A page-to-page hyperlink takes the viewer to a different part of the document with (optionally) a different zoom factor.

  1. Click the Link tool (Link tool icon) on the main toolbar.
  2. Drag-out a box around the area you wish to become a hyperlink. You can resize this box after it's initial creation so you don't need to get it right first time.
  3. After drawing the hyperlink box, the Link Properties dialog box is displayed.
    Link Properties dialogue box
  4. Change the Link Type: to Go To View
  5. Tick Link is always visible if you want the link to show as a outlined rectangle at all times.
  6. Move the dialog box out of the way (but don't close it) so that you can once again see the document.
  7. Navigate to the destination location within the document by scrolling, zooming and changing pages.
  8. Once at your chosen location, choose the appropriate Zoom:
  9. Press OK.