If you upload a scanned PDF to TransPDF it will process it via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) before exporting to XLIFF.

TransPDF uploads the PDF to ABBYY where the OCR is performed. The resulting PDF is then downloaded by TransPDF and processed as normal. This all happens automatically but means the entire process takes longer than a normal PDF.

OCR Fees

There is no additional fee for this service but the payment for the final PDF is taken at this point rather than waiting until later as with a normal PDF. This is to reduce the load on our servers and ABBYY's.

Free-Usage Limits

Even with a valid Infix license there is a limit to the number of OCR pages you can process per month free of charge. Once this limit is exceeded each page costs 1 credit. If you do not have enough credits, you can purchase more on-line as normal.

Visit the My Account section on TransPDF to see how many OCR credits you get each month and how many remain. This information is only displayed after a valid Infix license has been detected.

In-house TransPDF Servers

The OCR facility is optional so if you use a TransPDF server provided by your own organisation, the facility may not be available.