Infix Pro PDF Editor can export the content within a PDF to a format suitable for translation using popular translation tools such as SDL Trados Studio, MemSource and MemoQ.

For Infix Pro PDF Editor 7

This version of Infix Pro PDF Editor offers a new system for translating PDFs which:

  • offers easier editing with minimal in-line mark-up tags
  • automatically fits text to existing spaces
  • automatically handles font issues
  • includes intelligent reflow to save time in post editing
  • includes a side-by-side comparison of original & translated document
  • has no limits on document length

Legacy Methods

Previous version of Infix Pro PDF Editor did this by exporting simple XML that could be translated and re-imported. This was useful but had a number of drawbacks:

  • it contained many in-line formatting tags which made editing difficult
  • importing required time to fix issues with overset and underset text
  • font management was crude
  • doesn't cater for long documents

Both methods are available for use in this version of Infix Pro PDF Editor under the new Translation menu.