To complete the translation of a PDF, you need to import the new, translated text back into the document. Infix will place each translated paragraph into the correct location in the document, reflowing, fitting and substituting fonts as required.

  1. Open the PDF into which you will import your new text. This should be one saved immediately after your initial export. Infix will have embedded tagging information in that PDF which will now be used to relocate the text you are about to import.
  2. Choose Translate->Local->CAT Import... to display the import dialog.
  3. Press Browse... to choose the text or XML file to be imported.
  4. Make sure the current spell-check language matches the text being imported. If it does not, press Language... to change the setting.
    When the spell-check language does not match, words may not be correctly hyphenated during reflow.
  5. Select Automatically fit text where needed to have Infix adjust the new text so that if fits the original text boxes. This may slow down the import considerably since the fitting process is quite complex. Text that it is shorter than the original is unaffected by this setting.
    Press Fitting... to adjust the fitting behaviour.
  6. Selecting Reset letter spacing will cause Infix to sett all word and letter spacing to zero on imported text. Otherwise imported text will use the spacings of the original text.
    It is normally recommended that this option be selected.
  7. Press Fonts... to load, examine and modify these substitutions rules. See Managing Font Substitutions
  8. Press OK to begin the import.