Infix Pro PDF Editor can create bookmarks automatically. This is especially useful for long PDFs that have no bookmarks.

You can also limit the process so that only text written using specific fonts is eligible for inclusion in the resulting bookmark tree.

  1. Choose View->Bookmarks to make the bookmark catalogue visible.
  2. Navigate to the page from where you wish bookmark creation to begin.
    For example, if you wanted to omit the document’s table of contents from the bookmarks, go to the first page after it.
  3. Press Automatic Bookmarks (Automatic Bookmarks tool icon) on the bookmark panel’s toolbar.
  4. If the PDF already has bookmarks, Infix Pro PDF Editor will prompt you to proceed. If you do, all existing bookmarks will be removed before the new ones are added. Press Yes to begin bookmark creation.
  5. You can cancel the process at any time by pressing Stop. Though this may leave the document’s bookmark catalogue in an incomplete state.
  6. If you find unwanted items get added to the bookmarks tree, you may be able to filter these out by adding some font filters.