To avoid adding unwanted items to the bookmark tree during automatic bookmark creation, you can instruct Infix to consider only text written in specific fonts.

  1. Select the Text tool (Text tool icon) from the tool bar.
  2. Select some text of the kind you wish to include in the bookmark tree.
  3. Press Font filters (Font Filters tool icon) button on the bookmark panel’s toolbar.
  4. The Bookmark Font Filters dialog shows a list of all the fonts that Infix will consider during automatic bookmark creation.
  5. The font of the selected text is shown at the top of the dialog.
    Bookmark Font Filters dialogue box
  6. Press Add To Filters to add this font to the list of active filters.
    Any font not mentioned in the list will be ignored during automatic bookmark creation.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for all the fonts you want to be eligible for automatic bookmark creation.
  8. To delete a font from the list, select it and press Delete.
  9. Re-create the bookmarks tree with your new filters in place.
  • The list of font filters is not stored by Infix and will need to be re-created if you close the document.