You can create new or edit existing “sticky note” annotations in PDFs. These are small pop-up windows designed to contain short messages such as approval or editorial comments.

A sticky consists of:

  1. an icon which defaults toStick Note tool iconthough there are a number of alternative icons available - see Stick Note Properties for details. Double-click the icon to toggle the associated note window open or closed.
  2. a pop-up note window which displays any attached message as well as the date the note was created and the name of the author. The icon and the pop-up window can be moved around independently of each other.
  3. An entry in the Comments catalogue
  • If you can not see the sticky-note window after double-clicking on the sticky note icon, try scrolling the page or zooming out. It may be off the screen somewhere.
  • To change the user-name assigned to new notes, choose File->Preferences..., click on the Saving tab and enter the new name in the User Name edit box.
  • Sticky notes are not included when printing PDFs even if Print Annotations is ticked in the Print dialog box.