Infix Pro PDF Editor can permanently redact images, removing sections that needs to be obscured and making it impossible to retrieve the original data whilst leaving the remainder of the image in-tact.

  1. Ensure the Redact toolbar is visible (View->Toolbars->Redact).
    Redact toolbar
  2. Select Redact Image (Redact Image tool button) and drag out a rectangular area to be redacted.
    Once drawn, the Object tool (Object Tool Button) becomes selected.
  3. You can move, resize and rotate the rectangular area just like any other graphic object.
  4. Continue adding further redaction areas in the same way to images in your document.
  5. Redaction only becomes permanent when the PDF is saved. 
    Infix Pro PDF Editor modifies the data of images covered by redaction rectangles, permanently obscuring those parts of the image.