In order to work with forms, choose View->Toolbars->Form Editing.

Available Form Field Widgets

  • Text field 
    Used for entering a single or multiple lines of text. The text can be a password, in which case it's contents are obscured as they are entered. 
  • Button field
    A button with any label which can perform various different actions including sending the forms answers to a website or resetting certain other form fields.
  • Check-box
    Allows the users to put a tick in a box.
  • Combo-box
    Presents a list of choices. You can also allow the user to enter their own choice if not shown in the list.
  • Choice (radio) button
    Allows the user to press one button from a number of button choices. Radio buttons are automatically grouped - only one button may be active in any group. To change the group of a radio-button, double-click the button and select a different group in the 'General' tab.
  • List box
    Like a combo box but doesn't allow the user to enter their own choice.

Additional Toolbar Buttons

  • Export form data
    Writes the answers and button states in the form to file as either XML or FDF format data. These format can be read by third-party programs that need to make use of the form data.
  • Input form data
    Reads answers and button states from a standard FDF format data file.