In order to work with forms, choose View->Toolbars->Form Editing.

Adding a field

To add a new form field, select a field type from the toolbar (see Forms toolbar) then drag-out the shape of the new field.

Moving & resizing fields

To move or re-shape a form field, first press any of the form toolbar buttons then click on the field to select it. Use the handles in the corners of the field to re-shape it and align it with other items.

Field labels

To add a label to a field, use the Text tool (Text tool button) from the main editing toolbar (not the forms toolbar) and drag-out a new text box.

Field options

To configure a form-field, ensure one of the field-type tools is active in the forms toolbar then double-click on the form field. Alternatively hover over a field with either the Hand tool (Hand tool icon), Object tool () or any field-type tool selected, right-click and choose Properties...


To help get consistent sizing and layout of form elements, use the snap-to-grid feature. 

Choose View->Grids & Guides->Snap to Grid and View->Grids & Guides->Show Grid

Grids only appear in Infix Pro PDF Editor and will not appear in other PDF viewers.