1. Choose Edit->Find & Replace->Find...
  2. Enter the search phrase into the Find: box. 
    If text is selected using the Text tool (Text Tool Button) when you open the Find dialog, then that text will be copied into the Find: box for you.
  3. To restrict the find to a page-range, click on the hyper-link shown below: 
    Infix Find All Pages in Current Document function
    You can also restrict the search to a specific area.
  4. Choose a page range to search across. If you are currently editing text with the Text tool () you can choose Current Story to limit the search to just the active text boxes.
  5. Click on Whole words if you need to match complete words and not fragments. If not ticked, rainbow will match rainbows as well as rainbowPhotos.com this case rainbow would 
  6. Click on Match Case if you want capitalisation to be taken in to account.
  7. Click on Use Wildcards to use simple wildcard characters in your search
    1. ? - matches a single character e.g. Hole? would match Hole9
    2. * - matches any number of characters e.g. ice* would match ice, iced, iceland
    3. + - matches one or more characters e.g. ice+ would match iced, iceland but not ice.
  8. To find text in a specific font, style or colour, press the Character formatting hyperlink. 
  9. If you only want to find text in a specific font,colour or size and don't care what the text is, un-tick the Find: check-box.
    Infix Find Options
    When un-ticked, any text matching the Character formatting will be found. Until you specified some character formatting restrictions, the Find Next button will remain inactive in this case.
  10. Press Find Next to show the next occurrence of the search text from the current place. Each time you press Find Next, Infix Pro PDF Editor will zoom-in on and select the text found if Zoom-in on results is ticked.
  11. Press Find All to show the Results list which will display all the locations where the search text is found.
    Infix Find Results for dialogue box
    Double-click on an entry to view that entry in the document.
    If you are searching through a portfolio, the third column in the results table will show the name of the document within the portfolio in which the text was found.
  12. Hit Replace >> if you decide you want to replace as well as find the target text.