You can restrict Find & Replace to text written using a specific font, colour or size.

  1. To find text in a specific font, style or colour, press the Character formatting hyperlink.
    Infix Find Character Formatting dialogue box
  2. The Find Format dialog shows the Font, Size and Colours that will be matched.
    Infix Find Text Format dialogue box
    If you select some text using the Text tool (Text Tool Button) prior to opening the dialog the dialog is pre-populated with the attributes of that text when it opens. If it is not opened, no matching restrictions are applied even if text is currently selected.
  3. If the Font: drop-down is set to Any then any and all fonts may be matched.
  4. If the Size: edit box contains Any then any font size may be matched. Otherwise choose a pre-set size or enter the exact size you wish to match.
  5. If Fill is ticked, only text filled with the chosen colour will match. Click on the colour button next to the checkbox to choose a colour.
  6. If Stroke is ticked only text outlined with the chosen colour will match. Otherwise all text, outlined or not is eligible.